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About Those Resolutions: TaeKwonDo for Adults

You might have noticed that this is the time of year that clothes fit a little tighter, that you’re tired and stressed out, and hey, look – peppermint mochas! It’s the holidays, right? You have enough on your plate between October and January first, literally and figuratively. It’s okay, you have New Year’s resolutions to smooth that over, right?

Well. Maybe not so much.

You see, most Americans do make resolutions. The problem is only 8 percent report success in actually achieving their goal, while 49 percent have spotty and inconsistent results. One of the main reasons for this is that people set unrealistic goals for themselves, fail to meet them, get anxious and disappointed, then start backsliding. By the next New Year’s, they’re back at square one, or off the board completely. To change your ways, you have to start small, be consistent, and integrate this change with your life so that it becomes your default behavior. You have to rewire your brain.

You’re Not Too Old

You know the benefits of exercise to people of all ages, but did you know that there are specific benefits for adults age 40-60? That’s right, middle aged people and seniors can gain an enormous number of benefits from learning taekwondo. A peer-reviewed study in the National Medicine Library sites a study that followed 24 healthy participants aged 40+ through a year of age-adapted taekwondo training, and recorded improvements in reaction and motor time, and improved cognition. Even better, taekwondo can help to improve balance as well as walking ability – and as you age that’s a huge plus.

Falls are no joke as you get older. As a now middle-aged snowboarder once noted, “After 35, the term ‘getting hospital air’ has a whole new meaning you never even considered.” Starting shortly after age 40, the rates of death from unintentional falls begin to rise precipitously, with one out of five resulting in a broken bone or a head injury. Among the risk factors for falls are lower body weakness and difficulties with walking or balance. Learning taekwondo can help stave off life threatening injuries for you later in life, or improve your odds as a senior or elderly person.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Learning and growing doesn’t stop with graduation or after your kids are ready to launch. You should be able to enjoy both throughout your life, but as the demands of modern adulthood keep you running on rails, it can be hard to bust out of a rut and do something that’s good for you mentally as well as physically. So, make a resolution right now, and start moving forward to implement it in a realistic and doable fashion. Give us a call or come by, and let us get you started. We want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. Start learning taekwondo with us, before that New Year’s resolution rolls around again, and you won’t believe where you are at this time next year!

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