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Grand Master Joo Hong Son

손주홍 사진.jpg

 TaeKwonDo Official 8th Dan

 Korea National TKD Demonstration Team

 TaeKwonDo Coach (USA, KOREA)

 TaeKwonDo Referee (USA, KOREA)



 Ph.D. in Sports TaeKwonDo at  Kyung Hee University

 M.Div. Daehan Theological Seminary & University


 1st Sports Massage

 5th Degree Hwal-Bup Masters

 Physical Education Correct Master

 3rd Geup Jump Rope Instructor

 2nd Speech Instructor

 Sports Stacking Coach


 Poomsae Winner of National TKD Competition

 Sparring Winner of National TKD Competition

 Winner of International Teakwondo Competition

 Best Instructor Awards

(2007, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2023)


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